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Writing Seminar with Eric Witchey - Evening Program & Dinner

SAWG is pleased to be hosting a series of workshops and an evening seminar presented by Eric M. Witchey. Eric is making a special trip to Texas from Oregon and you won't want to miss it! 

Eric will be speaking about "Save the Tales : Analysis and Revision" (see course blurb below) on Friday, Sept 12th, in the evening. The meeting is in a private room at Earl Abel's and is open to any who wish to attend. The cost is $30 for SAWG members and $40 for non-members. This price includes a meal and tip. Alcohol and/or dessert may be purchased individually.

Entrée options:
* Burger (can use gluten-free buns)
* 3 pc fried chicken
* Enchiladas
* Spinach salad
* Roast pork loin
* Seafood platter

* Mashed potatoes
* Carrots
* Green beans
* Brussels sprouts

Save the Tales : Analysis and Revision
A million wonderful stories have been lost to drawers and trunks because authors have focused on the wrong things during the revision process. Award-winning writer Eric M. Witchey will facilitate this seminar. Participants will develop skills for focusing on the effective changes in an optimal manner in order to improve stories through analysis and revision of existing work or works in progress. Participants are encouraged to bring their own stories.


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